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Lion’s Pride offers traditional Kung Fu taught in a modern fashion that everyone can perform and enjoy for fitness and self-defense.  We have a friendly environment and a variety of training equipment, obstacles, and routines. Join our “Pride,” our martial arts-based family, and begin your journey and transformation.

Styles taught at Lion's Pride Kung Fu:

  • Northern Shaolin

  • My-Jong Law Horn

  • Tai Chi and Seven Star Praying Mantis

  • Southern Five Family Fist and Five Animals (Snake, Tiger, Dragon, Crane, and Leopard)

  • Yang, Chen, and Do Gar Tai Chi Chuan

  • Classical Chinese Weaponry

  • Chi Kung

  • Traditional Chinese Lion Dance







Do you want more strength, more energy, more focus, more confidence, more drive?

Would you like to lose some weight?

Would you like to know how to defend yourself ?

Lion’s Pride focuses on a handful of objectives that any martial artist will welcome:

  • A challenging workout tempered with modern understanding of the body

  • Solid instruction in exciting traditional forms that everyone can do

  • Detailed breakdown of each technique to show how movements can be applied to self-defense

  • Practical partnered instruction in self-defense and sparring

  • A common sense approach to breathing and meditation, one stripped of mystery and focused on actual physical effects

What is Kung Fu?
For ease of reference, have you ever seen a Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, or Bruce Lee movie? If so, you have seen Kung Fu, at least a version of it.

Kung Fu is a kind of shorthand for Chinese martial arts, of which there are over 1500 styles. They vary in approach to self-defense, training and conditioning, concepts of motion, and philosophical outlook.

Here at Lion’s Pride, we take the same view as a very successful general during the Ming dynasty. He saw Kung Fu as a fitness regime for his troops. The self-defense and offensive techniques in the art are certainly useful in duels or one-on-one combat; however, this general felt that they were not of primary importance in war. Instead, it was the physical training that Kung Fu demanded that made his troops strong and his military campaigns successful.

Essentially, Kung Fu was cross-fit and HITT (high intensity interval training) centuries before those gyms started hitting every corner, but with the added benefit of martial knowledge. Melee-based warfare meant that the soldiers had to be able to keep standing, running, and swinging their weapons—not necessarily with precision, however. The winners were determined by who could last. This is at the heart of a physical contest: The best conditioned person will usually prevail.

The war today is not against an invading horde, though. The main war for most people is a battle for health and well-being.  We sit too much, eat too much, watch too much. Shouldn’t we be doing more to make ourselves feel the power that we can possess? To that end, why not do something that is fun, looks cool, and allows us to re-imagine ourselves as heroes?

What can Kung-Fu do for my child?
In addition to the benefits of a stronger physical well being, Kung-Fu develops the mind. From an early stage, your child will be performing rigorous memorization of maneuvers and concepts. Those things will carry over to school work and other activities. The characters that we use for Kung Fu basically translate into "hard work." The discipline developed here filters outward to all other areas. That goes for adults, too.

Am I too old for Kung-Fu?
Absolutely not. Though starting very young has benefits, there are many masters who did not begin their training until later years. Many practitioners are still going strong into their 80s and 90s. It’s not too late for you to start!


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3152 Pacific coast highway; Torrance, CA 90505

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