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Lion's Pride's performers have been active professionally in Southern California and elsewhere since 2012. We have been featured in many high profile shows at venues like The Grove and Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Our past clients include BuzzFeed, NASA, The Port of Los Angeles, and many more. We have also had the pleasure to serve various community groups, non-profits, and schools, such as Mending Kids, East Meets West Parent Education Club, and Ni Hao Chinese School. 


The Chinese Lion Dance ushers in good luck and prosperity. It is often seen during the new year celebrations; however, it is also performed for weddings, store openings, graduations, parties, and auspicious events. Our team has performed at several high profile events in Southern California and elsewhere. Contact us for your specific performance needs.

Price depends upon the desired length of the performance, the number of performers requested/needed, specific ceremonies, and wait times (if applicable).


Here is some information to consider when requesting a lion dance:

The typical performance is around 15-20 minutes (give or take). Most venues are happy with this time frame, as it provides an exciting spectacle and other events can be easily fit in. We can do less or more upon request; however, there will be an increase in price for anything over 20 minutes. Please keep in mind that this is an extraordinarily demanding exercise on the dancers in the lion.

One lion is good; two are better; three are awesome. Nothing comes in four.


There are many traditions or "puzzles" involving the lion. Some are standard, some regional, some personal and invented. The lettuce or cabbage ceremony is standard, as are door blessings and a few other small things. Those are routine and only the duration of the show is pertinent. More complicated things require notice and may incur additional costs. Consider what you wish to have done at your event and consult with us in advance. Some puzzles are very complex and demanding, requiring additional preparation, research, and material. We need to have this information in advance to give a solid performance. Nothing should be sprung upon us on the day of the show.

One last note for those on a very tight budget: we have stripped down version with just a drummer and lion (no cymbal or gong player). Although those musicians are a necessary part of the traditional presentation, costs can be prohibitive for some customers. We can offer a three-person performance for $400 (not including travel charges if it is outside of our immediate area).