Lion's Pride Kung Fu offers a great starting package and competitive prices thereafter.  Try us out for a week for free!

2nd Anniversary 2-for-1 sale: 6 weeks of classes (2x/week) for two people for $75 total! That's half off of our normal intro price for just one person! Get in on this now! New members only.

Note: Individuals who join by themselves will still be charged $75; however, they will get unlimited classes and a school shirt. An individual cannot get 1//4 of the price, nor will 12 weeks be given for training. Bring a friend! The whole idea is to play on the number 2!

Minimum age of prospective students is 5 years old. Younger students must have the approval of the chief instructor prior to enrollment.

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Standard tuition:

  • $65/month for 1x per week
  • $120/month for 3x per week
  • $150/month for unlimited classes
  • Friends and family discounts available
    • $120 for the first person; $80 per person after, up to 5 people.
    • Groups automatically get unlimited classes